Master Baker Premier Cake Margarine is a functional margarine which is formulated for Cake and Cookies application for bakers and professional chef.  It can produce cakes with soft and moist texture and also maintain the moistness of the cake for several days.  Combination of buttery and fruity flavor (bake stable) give a delicious taste and aroma to cake and cookies.It is also good for Sweet Bread application.

Available in Carton Box 15 Kg.

Product Specifications:

Melting Point     : 36oC – 39oC

Color                : 8.0 – 8.5R

Moisture           : Max 17%

Salt                  : 2% – 2.4%

PV                    : Max 1.0 (when packed)

FFA                  : Max 0.2%

Shelf Life          : 12 months

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