Specially formulated for chefs and professional cooks who require a tasty and crispy deep fried products, practical in use and cost eficient.  SunCo MasterChef Stable Deep Fyring Oil has a clear oil color and good heat stability that can produce more fried products compared to regular cooking oil and it can enhance the aroma and taste of the fried products.   SunCo MasterChef Stable Deep Fyring Oil is good for general deep frying purposes especially for deep frying flour coated products, spring roll and chips.

Available in Jerry Can 18 Ltr and BIB 18 Ltr.

Product Specifications:

Color               : Max 1.5R

FFA                 : Max 0.3%

PV                   : Max 2.0 (when packed)

Shelf Life         : 12 months

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