Smoothing Solution

Lervia Milk Soap and Lervia Milk Lotion contain the goodness of goat’s milk extract which is effective for smoothing , softening the skin, and can prevent dull and dry skin.

Goat’s Milk Nutrient has the smallest molecule, It can be absorbed by the skin Fastest & Deepest.

In addition to the benefits of goat’s milk which is good for the skin, Lervia is also added with other ingredients that are good for the skin such as:

  1. Milk
  2. Plus Honey
  3. Plus Avocado

Lervia is available inĀ  barsoap 90 gr, liquid milk soap with 250 ml bottle packaging, refill 400 ml pouch, and milk lotion with 200 ml bottles, 100 ml tubes, 15 ml sachets.

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