Amago Cooking Oil is multi purpose cooking oil for chef and professional cooks.  Amago cooking oil is produced from good quality refined palm oil.  It has clear oil color with high smoke point so can produce crispy fried food.  Balancing between quality and price make  Amago Cooking Oil is good for general cooking and frying purposes including for other applications that need cooking oil such as steam brownies, chiffon cake, etc.

Available in many packing

  1. Refill Pouch 1 liter
  2. Refill Pouch 2 liter
  3. Jerry Can 5 liter
  4. Jerry Can 18 Ltr
  5. BIB 18 Ltr

Product Specifications:

Color               : Max 2.5R

IV                     : Min 58.0

FFA                 : Max 0.05%

Cloud Point     : Max 8.0oC

PV                   : Max 1.0 (when packed)

Shelf Life         : 12 months


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