SunCo Good Cooking Oil

The Clearest

Slightly Sticky on Food


SunCo is made from selected fresh palm fruit which is directly processed through 5 stages of the process, namely 2 times the filtering process and 3 times the purification process so as to produce good cooking oil with the following characteristics:


The Clearest

Sunco cooking oil doesn’t turn black quickly and is not easily oxidized so that minimizing the risk of cancer.


Characteristics Like WATER

Through organoleptic tests, Sunco has been proven to flow easily and is not sticky in the throat.

SunCo is liquid like water so it doesn’t absorb too much in food. Eating more comfortably without the feeling of hoarseness and itching in the throat.


Not Easy to Freeze

Sunco is cooking oil with low saturated fatty acid content thereby to minimize increment bad cholesterol (LDL).

Available in various packaging:

  1. Refill pouch 500 ml
  2. Refill pouch 1 liter
  3. Refill pouch 2 liter
  4. Bottle 1 Liter
  5. Bottle 2 Liter
  6. Bottle 5 Liter
  7. Jerry can 5 Liter
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