Protection Serious Anti Bacteria and Anti Virus

Medicare is an antibacterial soap that protects the body from bacteria and viruses.

It contains Zebact 100, which is 99.99% effective to kill bacteria and viruses.

Packed in a wrapper with net weight 90gr.

Medicare bar soap are available in five variants and different benefits, namely:

  1. Energic Red, Freshhh.! After Sport
  2. Active Blue, Against Bacteria, No Compromise.!!
  3. Cool Blue, Stay Cool..!! Guys
  4. Lemon Fresh, Refreshing..! With Lemon Extract
  5. Powerful Black, Powerful..! Reduce Body Odor

Medicare Hand Wash, besides containing Zebact 100, also contains extra moisturizer so that it is gentle on the skin.

Medicare Hand Wash is packed in 500 ml bottles and 400 ml refills and is available in various variants:

  1. Red
  2. Blue
  3. Lemon

Besides Hand wash Liquid Soap, We also have Medicare Hand Sanitizer, which contains 75% alcohol, food grade ethanol, does not contain methanol (NON Methanol) and certified HALAL effective 99.99% killing bacteria and viruses.

Medicare Hand Sanitizer also contains extra moisturizers Aloe vera and Glycerine so that it is soft and not sticky on the skin.

Packed in economical bottles in GEL and LIQUID with netto 55ml.

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