Alibaba Cooking Oil is an economical cooking oil for general cooking and frying purposes.  Alibaba cooking oil is produced from selected refined palm oil and fractionated to get clear oil color. Alibaba Cooking Oil is good for stir fry, shallow frying and also for deep frying of chips and snacks.

Available in many packing :

  1. Pillow pack 1 Liter
  2. Jerry Can 2 Liter
  3. Jerry Can 5 Liter
  4. Jerry Can 18 Liter
  5. BIB 18 Liter

Product Specifications:

Color                : Max 2.5R

IV                     : Min 57.5

FFA                  : Max 0.1%

Cloud Point       : Max 8.5oC

PV                    : Max 1.0 (when packed)

Shelf Life          : 12 months

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