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    Megasurya Mas palm waxes offer the candle manufacturer new opportunities for formulating and manufacturing candles with superior performance and appearance. The Company has developed a range of palm waxes suitable for most candle types and which in most cases would be blended with paraffin or other waxes but for some applications can be used without blending producing a 100% palm candle. With its commitment to the wax industry and to meet the future needs of the candle and other markets Megasurya Mas has established a wax Technical Centre focused on product development and technical service.
    As well as palm wax Megasurya Mas also offers wax blends offering the customer the opportunity to buy a ready to use product and so eliminate the need for further blending reducing processing times and wax inventory.
    Typical of the palm waxes on offer are

      Product Application Process
    SM2000 Pillar Moulding
    SM2130 Pillar Moulding
    SM2132 Pillar Moulding
    SM3180 Tea Light Filling
    PSF53 Grave light, Religious 7 days, Lo-boy, Outdoor Filling
    SM6060 Grave light, Religious 7 days, Lo-boy, Outdoor Filling
    SM6065 Decorative jar candle Filling
    SM6735 Decorative jar candle Filling
    SM8000 Decorative jar candle Filling
    SM8270 Pillar Moulding
    HPO5532 Pillar Moulding

    These are representative of the range of products available but in the event that a customer needs a specific material Megasurya Mas welcomes the opportunity to work with customers to develop waxes to meet their performance requirements.
    For full technical data and information on how to use any of our palm waxes including recommended blend ratios and processing conditions, information on any other products that might be available or to discuss the formulation of a specific product to meet specific performance characteristics please contact us.